Stations maintained by SFWMD follow their service protocols described in the Quality Assurance Management Procedure Q200-001 (SFWMD 2011). Stations maintained by the BAM Project follow similar procedures, summarized below. BAM project stations are visited once every six weeks, except for sites MW-4 and MW-5 located in the WCA3-B Marsh, (accessible by airboat) which are serviced once every three months. Regular maintenance includes an inspection of general physical condition of the station (e.g solar panels, enclosures, and platforms or surface vaults). Desiccant used for maintaining a dry atmosphere in the instrument enclosures are exchanged during each service. Sensors such as the precipitation gage are checked for debris and cleaned as needed. Calibration checks are taken for water elevation against measured values. Water level verification is performed during each site service. Instrument values are recorded and water levels are measured and noted in the field. Discrepancies of greater than 0.02 feet between field-measured and sensor values are corrected and noted in the field notes. The electrical conductivity probes are verified against known conductivity standard solutions. Any measurement probe found to be nonfunctional and not capable of being calibrated is replaced. In addition to inspecting the surface facilities, inspection of groundwater flowmeters includes verification that the suspension rods are properly installed, oriented vertically, and oriented with respect to north. Flowmeters are pulled from the wells and inspected for fouling on a quarterly basis.

Maintenance Photos