Data Flow and Telemetry
Data presented on this site are collected from stations in the BAM network along various pathways, all of which are automated and internet-based.
L31NN and Other Surface Water Level Data
The data for water level are measured by transducers at the L31NN site and logged using a CR10X datalogger (Campbell Scientific Inc) maintained by SFWMD and telemetered using radio and microwave signals by the SFWMD SCADA system based in West Palm Beach, Florida. The data are incorporated by SFWMD into the DBHYDRO environmental database and posted on the worldwide web. DRI subsequently retrieves and imports selected data from the DBHYDRO and USGS NWIS sytems into a database within DRI's Acuity Portal System.
L31NN Groundwater Velocity Data
The groundwater flow measurement instruments utilize either CR23x and CR1000 dataloggers (Campbell Scientific Inc) for both operational control and the logging of data. Data are retrieved from the stations over the internet once per hour using cellular data modems that are supported and maintained by the BAM project. The Loggernet software (Campbell Scientific Inc) running on a server at DRI in Reno, Nevada collects and stores the data. Data is ingested into a database within DRI's Acuity Portal System.
L30 Stations in WCA3B
Data are collected from sensors at the nine stations within WCA3B using CR1000 or CR206 data loggers (Campbell Scientific Inc). The data collected includes water elevation, groundwater velocity and flow direction, water temperature, and specific conductance. Data files retrieved from the loggers have a “table-based” format that includes header information that identifies each data field. Each logger saves at least two types of data files. The first file contains the raw data collected at the station, typically on a 15-minute interval. The second file contains metadata including site information, probe characteristics, serial numbers, and calibration information. Data files are retrieved by IP-based cell telemetry on a 60-minute interval by Loggernet. The data is ingested into a database within DRI's Acuity Portal System.
Quality Assurance Procedures
New data present in the comma-delimited data files generated by Loggernet are automatically ingested into SQL database. Data reside in one of theree forms within the database: (a) "raw" - this data is never modified or altered; (b) "QA/QC" - this data reflects corrections made by a Data Technician for data quality purposes and includes a data quality ranking, and; (c) "Finalized" - this data has been reviewed for release. Data are graphically reviewed and erroneous data are modified using Acuity's QAdjuster software. All modifications to the data are logged with user, the type of change (e.g. deletion, interpolation) and other details. Specific details on the approach used can be found in the “L30/BAM DRI QA/QC Procedures" document. Once the erroneous data have been corrected and assigned with a qualtiy ranking code, the user then marks each data as finalized, triggering an automatic copying of those data points from the QA/QC Table into the Finalized Table.
The Data Supervisor is responsible for checking the accuracy of the data corrections and finalizing corrections for release. This includes reviewing the results of field calibration and maintenance activities and the aforementioned data quality modifications.