Station List
This website was created to provide a focal point for obtaining information and data for those interested in hydrodynamics of the Biscayne Aquifer in southeast Florida. The stations comprise both surface and groundwater sites, and support various types of sensors as shown in the table below. Several government entities (as listed under Cooperators) are responsible for funding, installing, servicing, and maintaining data from the monitoring stations that comprise the BAM network. The stations are maintained by agency staff as well as institutions and companies under contract with the agencies.
The locations of the monitoring stations can be viewed on static or dynamic maps.
Station ID DBHYDRO (Station Name) USGS NWIS ID Latitude (NAD 1983) Longitude (NAD 1983) Maintained by Description
L31NNGW1 G-3778 25.746342 -80.497875 SFWMD/COE Well A (GW1) AT L31N North (BC-P136)
L31NNGW2 G-3779 25.746289 -80.497875 SFWMD/COE Well B (GW2) AT L31N North (BC-P136)
L31NNGW3 G-3780 25.746240 -80.497876 SFWMD/COE Well C (GW3) AT L31N North (BC-P136)
L31NNGW4 G-3781 25.746176 -80.497870 SFWMD/COE Well D (GW4) AT L31N North (BC-P136
L31NN L31NN '25.746260 -80.498013 SFWMD Stage @ L31NN (BC-P136)
L31NSGW1 G-3784 25.702012 -80.496186 SFWMD Well A (GW1) AT L31N South (BC-P136)
L31NSGW2 G-3785 25.702041 -80.496187 SFWMD Well B (GW2) AT L31N South (BC-P136)
L31NSGW3 G-3786 25.701955 -80.496184 SFWMD Well C (GW3) AT L31N South (BC-P136)
L31NSGW4 G-3787 25.701923 -80.496183 SFWMD Well D (GW4) AT L31N South (BC-P136)
L31NS L31NS 25.701976 -80.496310 SFWMD Stage AT L31NS (BC-P136)
NESRS3 NESRS3 254425080301700 25.740379 -80.504778 SFWMD Shark River Slough #3, 1 MI. West of L-31N
Surface Gages on L31N Canal
CAN1M N/A 022907647 25.746333 -80.497639 USGS Levee 31 North Extension AT 1 MI NR West Miami
CAN4M N/A 02290766 25.702167 -80.495972 USGS Levee 31 North Extension AT 4 MI NR West Miami
USGS Wells in ENP
G-3576 G-3576 254442080305201 25.745833 -80.514250 USGS 1.1 MI South of U.S. Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail) and 1.03 MI West of Levee on West Side of L-31N Canal.
G-3578 G-3578 254210080304801 25.702778 -80.513333 USGS 4.02 MI South of US 41(Tamiami Trail) and 1.01 MI West of Levee on West Side of L-31n
G-3273 G-3273 253748080343401 25.630384 -80.575892 SFWMD G-3273 Observation Well Near Homestead,Fla
Tree Island Stations
3BS1W1 3BS1W1_G 254649080304100 25.780278 -80.511389 SFWMD 2-Well Cluster West of Tree Island 3BS1
3BS1W2 3BS1W2_G 25.780556 -80.507083 SFWMD 2-Well Cluster East of Tree Island 3BS1
3BS1W3 3BS1W3_G 25.774167 -80.509444 SFWMD 2-Well Cluster South of Tree Island 3BS1
3BS1W4 3BS1W4_G 25.778889 -80.509722 SFWMD 2-Well Cluster on Head of Tree Island 3BS1
SFWMD Control Structures
S335_H S335_H 254634080285800 25.776111 -80.483056 SFWMD S-335 Spillway HeadWATER on Levee L-30 AT Tamiami Canal
S335_T S335_T 25.775864 -80.483008 SFWMD S-335 Spillway on Levee L-30 AT Tamiami Canal (Tailwater)
S-356 S356 25.107669 -81.753831 SFWMD L-29 Canal North side of Tamiami Trail 1 mile West of Krome Avenue (SR997)
L30 Stations
MW-1 25.775062 -80.483683 COE
MW-2 25.768941 -80.490759 COE
MW-3 25.762632 -80.498072 COE
MW-4 25.781490 -80.497248 COE
MW-5 25.786673 -80.489820 COE
MW-6 25.773553 -80.485669 COE
MW-7 25.773740 -80.485745 COE
MW-8 25.773635 -80.485637 COE
MW-9 25.773662 -80.485539 COE
SW-7 25.773662 -80.485539 COE WCA3-B Marsh Surface