L31NN – Located 1 Mile South of Tamiami Trail along L31N Canal and on western border of Everglades National Park

Two groundwater monitoring stations were constructed in 2004 by USACE and SFWMD on the eastern border of Everglades National Park (ENP),. The stations are located on the western levee of the L-31N canal (see map). The purpose of the stations was to acquire baseline data for the L-31N Seepage Management Pilot Project (SMPP), whose objective was to investigate technologies that can be used to control seepage from ENPwhile minimizing impacts to Miami-Dade County's West Well field. The instrumentation at L31N helps to understand the groundwater seepage including direction and rate of flow as influenced by seepage control measures. The four-well clusters at each station are located adjacent to a USGS gaging station in the L31N canal. The L31NN Station is located one mile south of US Highway 41 (Tamiami Trail), and L31NS is located three miles to the south adjacent to a limestone mine and aggregate processing facility. Data from L31NS are not reported on this web site due to funding limitations.
Each cluster consists of four monitoring wells screened at discrete intervals extending down to 103 ft below ground surface. This allows data collection from different flow zones of the aquifer (see cross section) along with a stilling well gage that measures surface water level in the Everglades marsh.
View of L31N station with USGS gage along the L31N canal and marsh of ENP in foreground. Aerial Photos: P. Lynch (SFWMD)
Aerial view of L31NN station with marsh of ENP on right.The wells are located in the center of the levee access road and are connected to the white instrument enclosures by underground conduits.
The original station was installed in 2005 by SFWMD, with wells constructed by USACE.